Dags Marasigan


My Western Canada Trip.

First stop Winnipeg, Manitoba with Darren Meijer, Nicki and Sierra.  June 28-July 1, 2007.

First stop of my Western Canada vacation was at Winnipeg, MB jokingly known also as Winterpeg! Stayed with Darren Meijer and his family at Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Went to Assiniboine Park in the morning of June 29, then passed by the Manitoba Legislative Building and took a picture of the Golden Boy Statue. In the afternoon, we went to the Winnipeg Canadian Mint. We were able to hold a real gold bar worth US$250,000.  The bar was chained but if was in the Philippines, Imelda Marcos may have stolen it already.

Darren took a picture of me while on the phone, still working.

After a day's tour, we had BBQ and chilled out in front of a bonfire.

Following day, we spent time with Nicki's family by the lake. I experienced the bites of obese mosquitoes in Winnipeg. The mosquitoes were really big!  Went swimming at Darren's pool and left for Calgary the following day.

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