Dags Marasigan





First Stop - 2 days in Warsaw, Poland. October 13-14, 2014

Stop 2 - Vilnius, Lithuania

Stop 3 - Riga, Latvia

Stop 4 - Tallinn, Estonia

Stop 5 - Helsinki, Finland

Stop 6 - St. Petersburg, Russia

Stop 7 - Moscow, Russia

The most anticipated trip to Eastern Europe finally happened on October 13, 2014 with Warsaw, Poland as the first stop.  It was a privilege that Peter was with me as we visited his "motherland."  He was the tour guide of the Warsaw trip as he spoke the language.

From the airport, we took the ZTM Warsaw Subway S2 which was a 30 minute trip to Metro Centrum station.  Fare was approximately CAD$1.54 one way.  We stayed at Mercure Warszawa Centrum which was strategically located beside the Metro Centrum subway station and a shopping mall. 

We immediately explored Warsaw and our first stop was the Palace of Culture and Science which was the "gift of the Soviet people to the Polish nation."  Walked around and we passed by the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier which was located at Pilsudski Square.  The tomb was the typical monument for fallen heroes and is common in all countries that I've visited.

We continued our walking tour and had to get some rest at the Old Town Market Place.  After a long flight and with no rest, the local beer was a good respite.  The town square at that time was very festive with all the Scotland fans who supported their team for the soccer game. Dinner was a European dish of pork knuckle.

We started our second day by taking bus N31 from Metro Centrum station on our way to Wilanow Palace which was at the center of the Wilanow Park.  From the park, we went back to Old Town where the Frederyck Chopin museum was located.  Chopin, proud son of Poland





Warsaw Day 2 October 14
and a musical genius also had a lot of mistress. Went back to old town, had more local beers and watched a very old yellow taxi which was skillfully driven as it went around the narrow roads of the city.  We were impressed with this cab as it had a lot of improvised items like the headrest.

Stayed most of the time in old town/downtown and I had grilled duck for dinner.