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Next stop to Varadero, Cuba with Victor Ganados. April 27-29, 2008

Second stop of my vacation was at Varadero, Cuba with my buddy from Vancouver, Victor Ganados. We stayed at Villa Tortuga which offered all inclusive stay - all food and booze were in the house.  Cost for 2 nights for Victor and I was US$151 which was a great deal.  The hotel was clean comparable to Quality Inn Hotels in the US.

Varadero boasted of long strip of fine white sand and crystal clear ocean water; just like Nassau, The Bahamas and Boracay, Philippines.

Varadero was a small town, 2 hours away from Havana (capital of Cuba).  It had a flea market for tourists with touristy price.

On 2004, Cuba instituted 2 forms of currency.  The CUC for tourists and the local peso for Cuban nationals.  The value of CUC was even higher than the CD$ or US$ thus a simple white shirt in the flea market was about CD$12.

We did not see any establishment in the area that accepted credit card so we held on to our cash carefully.

Last picture was myself waiting for our bus for our 2 hour trip to Havana.











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