Dags Marasigan


The Final Part of My Western Canada Trip. Vancouver, BC. July 6-8, 2007.

Please click here for the Canadian Rockies trip.

Immediately after my arrival at the Vancouver train station, Dang Sator and I had to go to the laundry shop!

Dang and I met up with Dennis Vidanes and Victor Ganados.  The 4 of us used to work for different pharmaceutical companies in Davao City. Dang and I for Roche; Dennis and Victor for Glaxo. We reminisced our younger days in Davao City.  But during our get together, we discussed something totally different which we had in common - start up of arthritis, cancer, heart attack, and receding hairline.

We finished our drinking binge at about 3:00 am. Dang made a comment that there was a time we can continue on partying until 7:00 am but at that time, pushing through 3:00 am was very difficult already

First thing in the morning on July 7, I went to Victoria island via BC Ferries. My Vancouver trip really started bad with Via Rail delayed by about 8 hours. Now, the bus from Victoria port to downtown Victoria broke down and I had a 10:00 am tour reservation.  So, together with 3 other bus passengers who were in a hurry, we took a cab to downtown Victoria.

I had the bus for myself during the Victoria City tour. It just happened that I was the only one who paid for the tour at that time. Went to Butchart Gardens just for the heck of it.

Went to the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia (Victoria is the capital). Enjoyed the pacific harbor and met with Jim Lawrence, PTG tech in Victoria.

Victor, Dang and I went around downtown Vancouver on July 8. First stop was Granville Island then to Stanley Park. From the park, we visited the Gastown steam clock. Met with Michelle Crowe of Soroc for lunch. Soroc was one of PTG's customers.

After lunch, we visited one of the Cannabis (Marijuana) shops in Vancouver. Cannabis was legally regulated in Vancouver and you can smoke pot in one of the areas in the shop.

Had dinner at Dang's pad before going to the airport for my red eye flight thus the end of my Western Canada vacation.