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South America Tour (Argentina and Brazil) April 2010. First stop @ Buenos Aires, Argentina April 17-19.

Second Half of Buenos Aires Trip

Rio de Janeiro, April 21

Sao Paolo, April 22

Mario Magnaye and I met at Buenos Aires, Argentina on April 17.  He came from the Philippines and he attended a medical conference in Buenos Aires.  We stayed at Moreno Hotel which was ideally located in the center.  The hotel was near Plaza de Mayo, flea market, and in a very safe area.

On the afternoon of April 17, we strolled by the presidential palace (Casa Rosada), along Puerto Madero that encompassed the white bridge (Puente de la Mujer), and just a good stroll along the river.  Argentina produces very good wine and we did not waste time and relaxed in a cafe by the river.

We went to the famous Siga La Vaca for dinner and for US$20, it was eat all you can beef, lamp chops, sausage, pork and it was grilled to my specification...MEDIUM! Included in the price was a choice of one (1) bottle of wine or a pitcher of beer for each of us.  So, Mario and I had 2 bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon and had more for only US$2/bottle!

Since we travelled at least 10 hours before reaching Buenos Aires plus the indulgence with beef and wine, we capped off the night early. 

The following day April 18 (Sunday), Mario and I started the day with the famous flea market at San Telmo District along Defensa St.  The flea market only happens every Sunday and it was just behind our hotel!  I got myself a cowhide which started at US$150 and haggled it to to US80, experience a bit of authentic street tango with a pretty local girl and the flea market showed the nice culture of Argentina itself.

From  the flea market, we started to explore Buenos Aires further and passed by Plaza de Mayo, the obelisk, and Teatro Colon which was being renovated at that time.  Then we strolled our way to the La Recoleta Cemetery where the famous Eva Peron was buried (tomb #57).  When you get to the cemetery, all tourists had one thing in common - finding the tomb of Eva Peron which we all thought was grand but it was just a simple mausoleum in black granite.  As a matter of fact, if there were not many tourists that day, it would have been difficult finding the tomb because it was located in a very small alley.

Mario and I had to take the cab on our way back to the hotel (about US$5) because we just got exhausted with the long walk of about 8 kms!
















Second Half of Buenos Aires Trip