Dags Marasigan


Vacation at Siargao Island, Surigao with Bert Vergara and Marte Family. April 21-23, 2006

We left Davao City at 1:00 am on April 21 for an 8-9 hour land trip to Surigao City.  We had to catch the Fastcraft boat that departed 12:00 nn.  The boat trip was 2 hours.
We stayed at Cherinicole Resort. Staff at the resort were very efficient and smiled all through out our stay.  A common trait among the people of Siargao.
Island hopping. First stop Naked Island. It is the white island behind Bert (4th photo)
Next stop, Daku Island
Third and final, Guyam Island
We left the resort at 8:00 am, and spent abut 1 hour per island.  We returned to the main island at about 1:00 pm.  Had lunch and went to Cloud 9, the surfing area of Siargao.  
The climax of our vacation! Our ambitious attempt to surf in Cloud 9, the 3rd best surfing area in the world. First is Hawaii and 2nd is Indonesia. 

We were not able to stand on the board. Just lied flat on our chest/big belly and pretended that we were surfing!  Jonathan, our surfing instructor tried his best but the waves were just strong and we didn't know how to balance. Worse, Cloud 9 is known as a shallow surfing area & is full of corals.

We thought it was easy, heck just wishful thinking!

Our ride to/from resort to Cloud 9, the Siargao famous Habal-Habal.  One (1) motorcycle can carry 5 people.