Dags Marasigan


Ex-Roche 007 Agents' Gathering. March 30, 2008

The last time we saw each other in the Philippines was on 1997.  After 11 years, we had the chance to meet again.

Bambi Illenberger-Estarez - wore white sweatshirt on brown shirt

Ann Marie Cabauatan - on brown blouse, gold necklace and Ferrari red lipstick (something that has not changed!)

Rani De Vera - lady on brown sweatshirt on brown shirt with "Mossimo Jeans" print

Ismael de Leon - on pair of reading glasses with leather jacket

Erwin Lopez - crazy guy on orange shirt!

Eric Barrozo - on pair of reading glasses and black collared shirt

15 second movie is a short clip of one of the presentations we had during our Roche heydays!