Dags Marasigan


New Year Celebration 2007-2008

New Year's Eve (Dec 31 2007) with the Tiaga's.  Place was packed with the following families:

Sharmaine's sister Gladys and husband Luis Dabu from Minneapolis.

Joel Menguito and wife Veronica. Joey Salcedo and wife Badette - their 3 boys Carl, Elfred and Nicko.

Jojo Llesa and wife Monica

Following day, spent New Year's with Erwin Lopez his wife Richelle and their daughter Sofia.  Erwin and Richelle were my co-workers at Roche, Phils.

One of the products we promoted between 1992-1993 was Bactrim.  They preserved a marketing material (hand towel) from that period and brought it here in Canada!