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Catfish, Cajun, and Street Party at New Orleans, LA with Tina Rojo. Nov 26-27, 2010

New Orleans, famous for Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday), catfish, cajun and shrimps was really a party place. Met up with Tina Rojo, a longtime doctor friend from Davao City and celebrated post-thanksgiving on 26 November.

From the airport, we went to the French Quarter and had catfish and shrimps for lunch.  It was still quiet when we roamed the area in the afternoon but as soon as 600pm hit, people started to crowd the French Quarter and some started dancing at the street.

Apparently, on most Fridays and Saturdays, there is a festival or celebration at the French Quarter.  Either Bayou Night, Jazz Night, or whatever Night Night and parts of the area are closed for vehicular passage.  As such, people just party at the street and alcohol is allowed as long they are in a plastic cup or jug.

Tina and I did not really spend much time at the French Quarter because that day was Black Friday (post thanksgiving shopping sale) and Tina woke up early for the shopping rush.  I myself was exhausted from the midnight shift prior to arriving at New Orleans.  In short, we were too old already to party!