Dags Marasigan


Third of 3 US State Visits at Nashville, TN and My Pilgrimage to Lynchburg on June 2, 2009.

If my Muslim friends are encouraged to do a once-in-a-lifetime pilgrimage to Mecca for the "Hajj," I had mine when I went to Nashville, TN.  From the airport, I rented a car and drove 1.5 hours to Lynchburg, the birthplace of Jack Daniels!

The tour was free and the guide gave us a very good insight about Lynchburg, TN and the origins of the world famous whiskey.  Photos were not allowed inside the production building because the flash could have caused some sparks in the fumes emitted by the fermentation.  The only tasting we had was the scent from the 140% proof of the production and the stacks of barrel in the aging house.

At the end of the tour, lemonade was given instead of Jack!  Visitors had the option though of buying specially labeled bottles but like in Atlanta the previous day, I was not able to bring any bottled drinks with me due to security restrictions at the airport.  Instead, I got myself a statue of Jack Daniels for my souvenir.

It was a very good tour and it was worth the drive and effort.  Indeed a pilgrimage for die hard fans of Jack Daniels.
















From the distillery, I only passed by Opryland where the the Grand Ole Opry was located.  Approximately 1 block away from it was the General Jackson showboat.  From there, I had a walk through of the famous Opryland Resort and Convention Center.  The main attraction of the hotel was the forest like ambiance inside the lobby with a falls and large garden.  Also inside the hotel was a mini shopping area and the convention plaza itself which were all in one roof.