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Beers at Milwaukee on September 15, 2012

The last time I travelled out of Toronto other than to visit my sister and nephew at Thunderbay, ON was on October 2011.  When I was still in operations at Air Canada, I used to work 4 days (48 hours) and had 4 days off so I had lots of time to travel.  When I got promoted to Corporate Resource, I went back to the normal Mon-Fri schedule so I only had weekends off.

When Peter and I went to Milwaukee on Sept 15, 2012, I was very excited to see another place.  I thought there was nothing to see in Milwaukee but it was a very interesting city that produced hundreds of beer variety which was like a mini-Belgium.  We took the bus from the airport to downtown via Green Line of Milwaukee bus system.

Peter and I stayed at Marriott hotel which was at the city center by the riverfront.  It was near Third Ward which was the center of fun in the city.  Bars and restaurants lined up Third Ward and we had the chance to taste different types of beer and were priced cheap.  Even a bottle of Corona was only US$5 which was way below the average of US$6-7.


















The following day, we walked along the stretch of the river and visited Lakefront Brewery.  Peter was the one who planned the Milwaukee trip and booked the brewery tour for only US$7 per person. The tour included four (4) glasses of free beer and a souvenir glass at the end.  It was the best beer brewery tour that I had with all the freebies included.

We went to the Michigan lake shoreline and visited the Art Museum which was also a famous wedding area for the locals.  While checking out the museum, I saw one of the grooms who we had the chance to party with the night before in one of the bars at Third Ward. His friends gave him a bachelor's party and what a coincidence that Peter and I saw him again on his actual wedding day.

After our walk along the shoreline, we took the flight back to Toronto.