Dags Marasigan





Marcus' 2nd and Jay's Birthday. July 5, 2012.

Marcus at 1 Week

Marcus at 1 Month

Marcus at 3 Months

Marcus at 4 Months

Marcus at 5 Months

Marcus at 6 Months

Marcus at 1 Year Old

Marcus Walking

Marcus at 1 1/2 Years Old

Christmas 2011 with Marcus

Jay, Jason, and Marcus moved to Guelph, ON from Thunderbay because of Jay's work.  During the first few days, Jay and Marcus stayed with Tito Dags' place in Ajax.  While Jay and Tito Dags went to work, Lola Jovit babysat her grandson.

Jay celebrated her birthday on July 5 with us and the Talattad family.  Since we have not celebrated Marcus' 2nd birthday which was on April 21, we pretended that the party was for him.

During this time, Jason was still at Thunderbay wrapping up their move that's why he was not present during the celebration.