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Homage to the Queen at London, England. October  15, 2011

Stop #2 - Dublin, Ireland

Stop #3 - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Stop #4 - Brussels, Belgium

After work on October 14 Friday, Amit and I took the 6:15pm flight en route to London, England and arrived at the Queen's country the following day at about 8:30am.

From London Heathrow Airport, we took the tube (subway) bound for our hotel which was close at Liverspool St.  The travel was approximately 1 hour.  We bought the 1 day pass which covered the tube and bus.  The pass was GBP 8.00 or about CD$13.00. 

When we reached The Grange Tower Bridge hotel, Benjie Sabiniano who lived in London, was already at the reception desk inquiring about us.  Benjie was the brother-in-law of one of my friends, Joy Talattad.  Although I did not know Benjie personally, Joy was very kind to ask Benjie to guide us around for our one day London tour.  After settling our personal belongings, we immediately started our London tour.

Our first stop was at the Trafalgar Square.  Good thing Benjie was there to guide us and going around from one place to another was easy.  From Trafalgar Square, we went to Buckingham Palace.  There were no palace tours available at that time so we just saw the outside perimeter of the Queen's residence.

From the palace, it was a short walk towards Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and at No. 10 Downing St. which was the official residence of UK's Prime Minister.  The Downing residence was gated and was guarded by fully armed military personnel.

As tourists, we strolled towards the banks of River Thames where the London Eye Ferris Wheel was located. We stopped by one of the boat restaurants that floated steadily at the river.  We grabbed a couple of local London beer and authentic fish and chips.  Amit and I realized how expensive London was because for 3 pints of beer and 1 serving of fish/chips, the cost was GBP 26 or about CD$43.

From the banks of River Thames, we took the bus towards Harrods.  Amit  was wondering what was the big deal with Harrods and was not aware of its popularity due to the extravagant and expensive items it sold.  From clothes, shoes, and suits, the department store was simply expensive to shop at.

From Harrods, we went to the Tower of London and beside it was the Tower Bridge, commonly known as the London Bridge popularized by the folk song "London Bridge is falling down...falling down."

Both the Tower of London and Tower Bridge were near at our hotel so before crashing, we passed by a restaurant and had a taste of the local London dish, a beef pie and some mashed potatoes.  Amit had his usual chicken dish.






















As soon as we were done with dinner we took the much needed rest for our early flight to Dublin, Ireland the following day.

Stop #2 - Dublin, Ireland