Dags Marasigan





Life in Canada

Our Firsts in Canada   May 2006 As Tourists in Toronto  on Canada Day. July 2, 2006 First of Gatherings in Canada July 2006 At Paramount  Wonderland with   Talattad Family. August 5, 2006 At Niagara Falls with  Mom and Jay on September 3, 2006
Joy and Sammy   Talattad's Birthday. October 2006 First Canadian Thanksgiving with the Santos Family. October   8, 2006 Christmas 2006 Niccolo Talattad's 11th Birthday Celebration. December 28, 2006

New Year with the Tiaga's. December 31, 2006

Watched Live Baseball Game (Blue Jays vs    Texas Rangers) on April 28, 2007 "Wara-Wara" in Niagara   on August 5-6, 2007 At the Expo with the Buhain's on September 1, 2007 At Marty'rs Shrine and Went Apple Picking on September 30, 2007 Birthday Celebration   Last October 19, 2007
Lunch at Vancouver on  24 November with ex-Roche  Reps Christmas 2007   Activities New Year 2007-2008 Celebration Ex-Roche Reunion on  March 30, 2008 "Wara-Wara" in Wasaga Beach on May 31-June 1
As Tour Guide for May and Kristia Marte. July 19, 2008 Trip to Halifax, Nova Scotia with the Martes. July 21-22, 2008 Jay and Jason's Wedding on June 18, 2009 Easter Weekend at Montreal, Quebec. April 7-8, 2012 Canada Visit of Tina and Miguel. December 2015
Miguel's 18th Bday Celebration. April 2, 2016 Dags and Tina's Wedding. The Love Story of All Time. May 31, 2016.