Dags Marasigan


My Last Leg of partying in the Philippines. Spent 1 more week in Manila before leaving for Toronto

May 16 lunch - with Manny Rodriguez, Jane Angeles and Jane's sis.  
May 16 dinner - with Tita Jean Lasap, Ate May Lasap-Go, Sam Go (Ate May's husband), Nonoy, Lasap-Go kids and Tita Grace who just arrived that morning from L.A.  I waited for Tita Grace before I left for Toronto. The last time we saw each other was in San Diego on May 2005.
May 17 lunch - with Auntie Lynore Villa. Mom's sister.
May 17, 3:00 pm - lecture about Ebay among co-Filipino ebayers.
May 17 dinner - with Kellen Arciaga. Friend from Roche, Phils. May 18 - had lunch with Tina Reyes and Grace Juan then dinner with Boy Ramos. May 19 - off I went to Toronto. Thanks Philippines! I had a great time!