Dags Marasigan


My last week of partying in Davao City. My extended vacation is almost over before I leave for Toronto, Canada. May 6-14, 2006

May 6 Dinner - With Sheldon Paragas and Tina Rojo at Marco Polo Hotel. Both are pediatricians.    
May 7 Lunch - with Maypa family and Pinky Rodriguez.  It was Jun's b-day
May 7 afternoon - visit from Leo Lumogdang (our police detail last 2000). May 7 Dinner - with the Magnaye family. Engr. Rogelio, Hanna, Marilyn "Tata", Bobet.
May 8 lunch - with Jen Azarcon and my very special friend, Michelle Estabillo  
May 10 dinner - with Philippine Post Office. Omar, Alex, Honey, and Glenn.
May 11 dinner - with Aboitiz people. Carlina Zamora, Grace Basconcillo, Jojo Malubay, Harold Baguios, Vanessa, and May Marte (she was ex-Aboitiz)
May 12 dinner - with John Flores (banker), Sheldon Paragas (medical doctor), Jun Maypa (lawyer) and my Dad. We were at John's house.  It was still under construction at that time.
That was it and left for Manila on May 14 for 1 more week then to Toronto! See you Davao/Gen San/Kabacan folks in 10 years! Had a great 9 month vacation! Thanks very much.