Dags Marasigan


Jay's Wedding on June 18, 2009.

Jay and Jason got married on June 18 at the Toronto City Hall.  It was a very solemn nuptial and all were so relaxed and happy for the couple.   It was evident that my sister was so happy and even her hair glowed.  All the while I thought her hair was a clip-on but to my amazement, it was all natural.

On our side, Sam and Joy Talattad were there and Tita Rose "Baby" Tijam.  Tita Baby and our mother have been friends since their university days. She also looked after Jay and I during our toddler days in Los Baņos, Laguna and it was just befitting that she was there in behalf of our parents.

Jason's family was there as well - his brothers and mother.  Jason's good friend stood as his best man.

After the wedding, we went to Keg restaurant and had a very good celebration.  Everybody had a great time, laughing, drinking and we shared different experiences since the background of both families grew up in separate continents.

The last 2 rows of this page are short movie clips and the slide show that the photographer did for us.  The first five (5) rows are our photos which are amateur!  It is best that you look at the slide show made by Christopher of CSB Photograph where he did a fantastic job.