Dags Marasigan


"No Problem" at Montego Bay, Jamaica with Amit Rai on July 16-18

Amit and I went to Montego Bay, Jamaica from June 18-20 and had 3 days of "No Problem" fun! I've known Amit since my Peopletogo days where he was an independent IT contractor for the company.

We stayed at the SC Breezes at the hip strip of Montego Bay and the resort provided free hotel transfer from the airport. As usual, the moment we got our all-inclusive hand tags, I went to the bar.  I asked the bar tender Andrea, "what is the best that you can give me?"  Her response was, "Get Laid!"  I jokingly told her that I just got in and will consider her proposal later that night and she suddenly realized the connotation of her answer to my question.

Amit and I explored the beach area and Doctor's Cave then strolled for some Jamaican souvenir at the hip strip.  Jamaican's by nature were happy people and I was able to relate this nature to their usual response of "No Problem!"  For the Jamaican's, everything was not a problem.  Haggling for souvenir was not a problem and getting some assistance was not a problem as well.  As a matter of fact, Amit and I had two tourist police ladies who escorted us along the main boulevard.  I guess, they realized I was so drunk and they thought of some future assistance!

When we got back to the hotel, Juanita (from Washington, DC), Priscilla (from New York) and I had some cognac fun.  They saw me getting some cognac and they asked me if it was part of the package.  They have been there for 2 days and were drinking the local stuff and they had no idea that cognac was served free.  I told them that Andrea (the bar tender) just took good care of me.

Mary and Ricky of Virginia gave Amit and I the pleasure of being invited to their wedding as witnesses.  However, their wedding was on July 20th which was our date of departure back to Toronto.

It was all fun with "no problems" in Jamaica man!