Dags Marasigan


Rerouted to Space Center at Houston, Texas on 05 February 2009

We were already at the gate bound for Nashville, TN.  A car rental was already reserved at Nashville airport for our trip to the Jack Daniels distillery at Lynchburg, TN.  But Marina Gurrizzan, the work agent for the Houston flight convinced us to take her flight instead!

So, Peter and I were rerouted and our car rental at Nashville was transferred to Houston for our trip to the Space Center.  The travel time from the airport to the center was about one (1) hour and another half hour for traffic.

At the space center, we had a tour of the original command station.  The tour guide informed us that the combined computing power of the whole command center was just about 500 bytes (or kilobytes).  Hence, our cellular phones had 10x to 20x more computing power.  The engineers at that time computed flight paths, apogee, perigee, etc. with the aid of a slide rule and everything had to be done long-hand.

We also saw the full mock-up size of the space shuttle and the Canada arm.  On the field, we saw the Mars rover and an armadillo.

The final part of the trip was a tour of the last Saturn V that was supposed to carry cancelled Apollo 18 mission.

On our way back to the airport, traffic at Houston freeway was very bad that we almost missed our return flight.  We were running like mad dogs and as a matter of fact, from the airport security checkpoint, I was only able to fix my shoe lace and my belt inside the aircraft.

The space center and the traffic/airport mishap were opposite experiences but all was worth it.