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Rendezvous #1 - Hongkong. Feb 28, 2011

Rendezvous #2 - Bali, Indonesia

Rendezvous #3 - Singapore

Rendezvous #4 - Malaysia

Rendezvous #5 - Seoul, South Korea


I departed Toronto on Feb 27 and arrived in Hongkong on Feb 28 at about 5:20pm.  As soon as the aircraft arrived, I called my college friend Gina and Sandy who I had dinner with at Hongkong.

I took the Hongkong Airport Express  en route to Jordan station where the hotel I stayed at was literally just in front of it.  From airport to TsingYi station, round trip ticket was HK$110 (US$14).  From Tsing Yi to Jordan station, 1 way ticket was about HK$8 (US$1).

The "supposed 3-star" Embassy Hotel at Nathan Rd. where I stayed at was terrible.  Never again I will stay at that place and I will never recommend it.  The staff was friendly but you can actually smell the molds in the room.  Good thing I was only there for 4 hours since I had to leave for Bali, Indonesia early the following day.
















As soon as I dropped off my bags at the horrible Embassy Hotel, I contacted my university classmates/friends Gina and Sandy who were living in Hongkong.  We had dinner and reminisced our days at De La Salle University.  We've talked about our stupid antics and the fact that we haven't seen each other for 20 years.

It was great to see again Gina Gurnamal-Mulchandany (my original "Ginger") and Sandy Sadhwani Daswaney.  Too bad, Richard Agoncillo who was also living  in HongKong was not able to join us because he was stuck babysitting his kids.

At about midnight, we parted ways and I had to go back to my moldy room.

Rendezvous #2, Bali, Indonesia.