Dags Marasigan



At Halifax, Nova Scotia with May and Kristia Marte. July 21-22, 2008.

Halifax, Nova Scotia was comparable to Vancouver, BC; Seattle, WA and San Francisco, CA because all three (3) cities were by the harbor.  Halifax though had a very unique characteristic as a city of lobster and its very relaxed atmosphere.

Our first stop was at the National Historic Site of Citadel.  Kristia failed to take home the lifeguard at Casino Rama and she failed again to snatch the stiff guard at the Citadel!

While waiting for our tour, I joined the marching kids. If they had an extra kilt, I could have worn one.  There were actors and actresses scattered around the fort that made it feel like we were back in time.

From the Citadel, we went to Alexander Keith's Brewery and a stroll along the harbor.  We had supper at Murphy's Restaurant and their seafood platter was fantastic.  This time, Kristia was not asked to produce an ID for her beer but she came prepared nonetheless.

We went to the casino and Kristia was not asked for any ID also.  So she took advantage of having another beer.  Until the wee hours of the night along the harbor and at the Halifax famous Economy Shoe Shop Bar and Grill, we never stopped ordering for various types of beer.

We were supposed to leave Halifax on July 22 at about 10:00 pm but a tropical depression was developing at that time.  it was just prudent that we had to shorten our trip as we did not want to be stranded there.