Dags Marasigan





First Stop - Geneva, Switzerland. October 13, 2012

Stop #2 - Barcelona, Spain

Stop #3 - Lisbon, Portugal

Stop #4 - Zurich, Switzerland

Sam Talattad and I have been planning since 2010 to celebrate our birthday in Switzerland since he has a brother who lives in Zurich.  Together with Joy and Lui, we were able to go together to our first stop at Geneva, Switzerland.  Nicolo, Sam and Joy's eldest, was not able to join us because he was preparing for his entry to university.

We took the evening flight out of Toronto on Oct 12 and landed in Geneva on the morning of Oct 13.  We stayed at Hotel Ibis near the airport which provided a shuttle service.  We met Sam's brother and sister-in-law, Rey and Gabi who brought their 2 dogs, Lamo and Figo.

From the hotel, we took bus #10 towards downtown.  The hotel gave us free day-pass bus tickets for free.  Apparently, Geneva gave it for free for tourists and were given out at the airport as well.

 For a short day stop, the interesting places to see were within the downtown area itself like the large fountain Jet d'Eau, expensive stores scattered around the city, St. Pierre Cathedral which cannot be missed by any tourist because of its greenish colored tower.  We strolled along the Grand Theatre then visited the Patek Philippe Museum.

By mid-afternoon, we took timeout for some coffee/tea at Place Bourg du Four, the city square at Geneva where a lot of activities happened since it was a Saturday.  Since we have not had any good sleep as we took the "red-eye" flight from Toronto to Geneva, Sam and Lui had to take a nap at the coffee shop.

We went back near Jet d'Eau and went for a boat ride at the Rhone River.  It was such a nice water landscape, very clear and clean as we were able to see the bottom part of it. 

After dinner, we called it a night and I had to prepare for my early flight to Barcelona the following day.

Next Stop - Barcelona, Spain