Dags Marasigan



Visit To Davao City, Philippines October 17-21, 2008

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Relatives from Kabacan, Cotabato passed by the house on October 18 in preparation for the christening of Thea, Tommy Boy's youngest daughter on October 19.

Row 1 - Timmy hiding behind the sofa.  Timmy is Tommy Boy's 2nd daughter.  Tommy Boy is one of my cousins. Aunt Francing Marasigan, lady in red.  Aunts Neneng Basilio, Edna Jover with Jenny Basilio.

Row 2 - Pom Pom Tulud (in yellow), Aunt Bolet Tulud (with glasses), and Anggo Jover.  Pom-Pom and Anggo are my cousins. Row 2/Column 2 - cousins Anggo Jover, Bam Bam Marasigan, Yan Yan Basilio and Angga Jover. Chi-Chi Jover, another cousin in black shirt.

Row 3  - Cousin Chokoy Jover, distant Uncle Lito and my mom, Jovit. Tommy Boy Baluyut and Cris George Tulud - 2 of my gigantic cousins.

Row 4 - Uncle Benjie Basilio and my dad, Willie. The pig frozen for roasting the following day!





Please click here for Day 2, October 19 Activities