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The Love Story of All Time.  Dags and Tina's Wedding.  May 31, 2016

Cristina and I were university sweethearts and like some or most young relationships, we went on our own paths.  However unlike most breakups, Tina and I remained very good friends, kept in touch, shared problems, and congratulated each other for the successes in our lives.

When I moved to North America, we still kept in touch and whenever I went back to the Philippines, we always had lunch or dinner with our common friend Grace Juan.  Through the years that we had our own lives, we never lost the young love we had when we were still at our university days.

When Cristina and Miguel had the chance to visit Toronto on December 2015, we rekindled our relationship and since we've known each other for 25 years, it was easy for both of us to finally stop the charade and went through the motion of tying the knot on May 31, 2016. For both of us, it was a very happy occasion.  The smiles and laughter around our wedding day was a testament of the love and friendship that we carried on for 25 years.  Even our friends and relatives were evidently happy.  The aura of the occasion was simply graceful, happy and the love between Tina and I emanated through.

My best man was Miguel, my stepson. The man who walked Cristina at the aisle was her Uncle Justiniano. The 2 ringbearers were my nephew Marcus and Cristina's nephew Liam.

Other were Tina's Aunt Net Net (wife of Tina's Uncle Justiniano) and Joseph Gutierrez, Tina's cousin-in-law and father of Liam.  Joseph's wife Vangie was not able to make it as she gave birth early that day.  My sister Jay (Marcus' mom)  and her husband Jason were not able to make it due to work constraints.

We only invited friends who constantly asked and prodded us about our marriage (Leslie Kalicharan, Dave Jewell, Wong family (Dave, Beth, Danielle, Darren), Lopez family (Erwin, Richelle, Sophia), Spouses Amit and Radhia Rai.









Reception Photos at The Port Restaurant