Dags Marasigan





First Scandinavian Stop - Home of the Little Mermaid.  Copenhagen, Denmark. May 19, 2013

2nd Stop - Reykjavik, Iceland (Day 1)

2nd Stop - Reykjavik, Iceland (Day 2)

3rd Stop - Oslo, Norway

4th Stop - Stockholm, Sweden

My Scandinavian adventure finally happened after 2 postponements since April 2012. My mother decided to tag along and I knew it was going to be a challenge for her as I planned my usual "Amazing Race" adventure of five (5) countries in 7 days. It was a very tight and compact travel and two (2) days of the 7 were allocated between Toronto and Scandinavia.

From Toronto, we arrived in Copenhagen at about 11:00 am and went around the city within the day as we had our next flight to Reykjavik, Iceland at 10:30 pm on the same day. Luggage lockers at the airport were full so we left our things at the Central Train Station lockers.  Cost of locker was DKK75 or about $13 for 24 hours. 

At the airport, we got ourselves a Metro Day Pass which was DKK75 and was good for 24 hours.  The day pass covered the subway and bus between airport/city center and the city center transport system.

From the Central Station, we took the subway to Osterport station for a visit to the famous Little Mermaid statue.  Just like the Mona Lisa, the piece of art was not grand in size but tourists flocked it.  Going around Copenhagen was a breeze as the tourist map I got from the airport showed "footstep" pathway of sights within the city.  From the Little Mermaid, we walked along the wharf going to the Amalenborg Palace.  We had our pictures taken beside the palace guard but we were not allowed to be beside the guard of at least 2 meters.  We also witnessed the changing of guards.

From the castle, we went to Nyhavn where small restaurants and cafes lined up the small port. We had our late lunch there and we had a taste of authentic Scandinavian dish, assortment of seafood delicacies.  Marinated and smoked Herring were excellent Scandinavian delicacy that I had more of it when we got to Iceland.  At least bread was free unlike in Barcelona, Spain, I was charged for bread and was not even told by the restaurant staff.






We continued our walk along Stroget, a walkway of stores and boutiques.  These walkway road of stores was very common in every European city I've been to.  At the end of Storget was the Town Hall Square, where the City Hall, statue of Hans Christian Anderson and Tivoli were located.

Within that complex was the Central Station.  Had a short coffee break and we went back to the airport and caught our 10:30 pm flight to Reykjavik, Iceland.

2nd Stop - Reykjavik, Iceland (Day 1)