Dags Marasigan



Trip to Chicago, IL, the "Windy City", on August 24 with Peter Roszak

Peter and I maximized our weekend by going to Chicago the following day after our trip to Boston.  Just like Boston, transportation around Chicago was very accessible via CTA and there was a subway stop at the airport itself.  Day pass was available at the counter for unlimited bus and train pass for 24 hours.

As usual, we got off at downtown and we immediately went to Sears Tower.  It was such a massive building and very impressive. 

We walked along downtown square and Chicago was "very Chicago" due to its architecture.  I felt the aura of Al Capone, days of prohibition, and the movies Untouchables and Chicago.

At that time, Chicago had a festival along shore drive at Lake Michigan.  I made fun of the brass statue of Bob Newhart, who I did not know who he was. It was just because of the brass statue!

We had lunch at Bubba Gumps by the lake shore.  After that, back to Toronto.