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Expensive Cayman Islands. April 13-14, 2013

Peter and I have been planning to go to the Caribbean from November 2012-February 2013 and was unable to due to schedule conflicts.  Finally, we decided to do back-to-back Caribbean travels in 2 consecutive weekends on April 2013. 

Our first stop was at Cayman Islands.  At the airport, shuttle was available for $20 for 2 passengers.  If there was only one (1) passenger, price was still at $20.  We stayed at Comfort Suites located at the 7-Mile beach area which was approximately 4 kms from the airport.  Quite expensive shuttle transfer for such a short distance.  But the island was expensive itself as Comfort Suites was the cheapest we got and it was $220/night.

In front of Comfort Suites was Coconut Joe's restaurant where they served the best Fish and Chips I've had.  Better than the ones served in London, England or Ireland.  I was told that they use Red Snapper for their Fish and Chips that's why it was very tasty.

After lunch, we headed straight to the beach.  To save on cost of drinks, we brought a bottle of Jack Daniels which we bought at Toronto Duty Free.  It was allowed at the beach area as long as we did not cause any commotion.

Cayman had a very boring night life. We did not see any bars and restaurants closed early.  We passed by the grocery where a pack of 12 bottles of water was about $15.

Went back to Coconut Joes for dinner and left Cayman the following day.

Following weekend - Turks and Caicos