Dags Marasigan



TTTTEEEEQQQUUUUIIIILLLLLLLAAAA   PARTY!!!!  at Cancun, Mexico with Ariel Lingad and Peter Roszak on March 27-29, 2009

Ariel Lingad, Peter and I headed to the tequila land of Cancun, Mexico on March 27-29.  We stayed at Dos Playas and got ourselves an all-inclusive package.  Hotel transfer was US$45 per person so we decided to rent a car with Avis which was about US$32 and was good for the duration of our trip.

The moment we checked-in at Dos Playas, we started to party!  Hotel accommodation was good and decent.  It was comparable to a 3-star Holiday Inn in the US.  Buffet was good with about 8-10 viands to select from plus the unlimited booze!.  For CD$70 per person per night - all inclusive, it was a very good deal.

I did my usual routine of dipping in the ocean then gathered sand for my collection.  Ariel decided to play beach volleyball but his body got a shock and he was able to play for only 15 minutes.  He almost passed-out hence we had to give him regular coke to regulate his sugar requirement.

Once Ariel felt better, Peter and I started our tequila shots.  In one hour, each of us had about 15 shots and it kicked him well.  We had a blast until he decided to chill at the beach!

Following day, Ariel and I went to Chichen Itza.  An achievement that we were able to visit one of the new 7 wonders of the world. A tour package was US$55 per person but since we had the car, we decided to take the 400 km round trip drive.  From the hotel zone, we just had to go back to the airport and followed Mexico-180 highway.  One way toll was Peso 187 or about US$14.  We just had to follow the "Chichen Itza" road sign and it was a very smooth and easy drive.

Entrance to Chichen Itza was Peso 113 or about US$9.  It was scorching hot but we had a great time bargaining with vendors inside the park.  We got souvenirs for US$5 with a starting price of US$20.

On our way back, we did not backtrack where we drove from.  Rather, we took the other Mexico-180 highway via Villadolid.  This was an alternate road from Chichen Itza with no toll.  Drive was about 30 mins longer compared to the toll Mexico-180 highway.   We passed by small towns which was reminiscent of the Philippines.  This route will pass through downtown Cancun and we just drove straight until we reached Zona Hoteleria.

We had dinner at the Thai restaurant of the resort and we still looked wasted!  We just relaxed on our 2nd night and prepared for our departure the following day.

On our third day, I just had pictures with the iguana's that roamed around the hotel and departed for Toronto at noon.