Dags Marasigan





Another Birthday October 2013 at Detroit, Michigan and Cleveland, Ohio.

Peter's birthday was on October 18 and mine was the following day.  We thought of a road trip to Detroit, Michigan since both of us had not been there and to Cleveland, Ohio since Peter had not seen the city of Rock and Roll.

We left Toronto late afternoon of October 18 (Friday) and arrived at Detroit about 8:00 pm.  Although our hotel (Holiday Inn) was only a 15 minute walk from dowtownn, we took the hotel shuttle  as it was not really recommended to walk at night especially we were not familiar with the area.

Detroit filed for bankruptcy on July 2013 and it was evident on the activities of the city.  It was "dead" on a Friday night and downtown did not have much activities.  We had dinner and walked around the casino.  There was nothing much to do so we headed back to the hotel.

Following day, we took the city tram where it went around and stopped at key stations.  The definite visit was the GM headquarters and behind it was Canada which was separated only by the river.

Had to stop by the famous Detroit Coney Island Restaurant where I scratched my head about its popularity because of hotdogs.  Fromt here, we drove to Cleveland, Ohio and passed by the abandoned Michigan Train Station.  Such a disparity during its heydays and by 2013 it was dilapidated and stood there as a manifestation of Detroit's economic demise.

Freeway at Michigan were so bad that we felt the difference once we crossed the border when we entered Ohio. 

At Cleveland, we went to the usual spots.  We went through the same spots just like when I was there on 2009.

By Sunday, we drove back to Toronto and completed another celebration of getting older.