Dags Marasigan



At the Rogers Centre for the Toronto Blue Jays vs Texas Rangers Baseball Game. April 28, 2007.

  I didn't have any idea how baseball was played; inning, strike, ball, etc.  I just knew, when the pitcher threw a ball, the batter had to hit hard.  Jay and I had the chance of watching Toronto Blue Jays vs Texas Rangers at the Rogers Centre and we were at row 13 from the field.  Tickets were courtesy of PTG.

I realized that baseball was such a boring game (relaxing to be politically correct) that's why it was dubbed the great American past-time.  There was no violence, no smashing among athletes, just your wholesome game.  During the game, what made it fun was the audience participation especially the heckling.  People booed Samy Sosa, a guy kept yelling "Blalock you suck!" Eventually, I joined the fray and yelled at some of the players. The heckling verified the wholesome aspect of baseball because no one yelled the "f" word at the players.

Texas Rangers won that day on the 10th inning.  It was a tie on the 9th and had to go overtime.