Dags Marasigan



Boozy Bahamas Trip! April 16-17, 2008

Went to Nassau, The Bahamas on April 16-17, 2008. 

First thing I did was to check out the beach which was just in front of the hotel where I stayed at, Quality Inn.  On my way to downtown (5 min walk from hotel), I passed by a local bar operated by Bradley! It was not difficult to get along with the Bahamians and as soon as I got to the sidewalk booze bar, I was already boozing-up with Donnie and Carlo.

Downtown was very small. In less than 1 hour, I've gone to the flea market, seen the parliament, hall of justice and the shopping area. 

Went back to the beach and gathered some sand for my collection. Bahamian sand was fine and white just like in Boracay, The Philippines.

I was correct when I concluded that the salinity of the Bahamian beach (Atlantic ocean) was higher compared to Pacific (where Boracay is). 

Went to the other side of town and asked for Bahamian snack.  They gave me 2 pcs of deep fried fish, coleslaw and fries.  Apparently, Bahamians love to eat in large servings.  Had some Bahamian lobster as well.

For dessert, they gave me a small BUCKET of paradise island booze!

At night, just hopped from 1 bar to another. It was a privilege that I experienced authentic Carribbean fun, booze and music!

Woke up the following day with a bad headache (what did I expect, duh!) and flew back to Toronto.