Dags Marasigan





Marcus' First Year on April 27

Marcus at 1 Week

Marcus at 1 Month

Marcus at 3 Months

Marcus at 4 Months

Marcus at 5 Months

Marcus at 6 Months

Marcus Walking

Marcus at 1 1/2 Years Old

Christmas 2011 with Marcus

Marcus 2nd Birthday

Lolo (Grandpa) Willy (SirWells) arrived in Thunderbay on April 20 and had the daunting task of babysitting Marcus for a couple of days.  At one time, SirWells called Jay's office 5 times regarding Marcus in a matter of 5 hours.

On April 27, I flew to Thunderbay and celebrated Marcus' first birthday.  Sirwells and Jason met me at the airport and we picked up Marcus from his babysitter.  While Jason and SirWells went Home Depot shopping, I baby sat Marcus.  We played a lot then he just got tired and we decided to rest at Home Depot's couch display area where I fed him and he took a nap.  Though we rarely see each other, Marcus did not have any problems when I babysat him.  He did not cry instead he just kept on laughing thus it was fun playing with him.

From there, we went to Kelsey's and we celebrated Marcus's birthday.  The Lecky's prepared a special birthday party for Marcus on April 30, which was a Saturday and I was not available to attend due to work.