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Marcus' 1 1/2 Years on September 24, 2011

Marcus at 1 Week

Marcus at 1 Month

Marcus at 3 Months

Marcus at 4 Months

Marcus at 5 Months

Marcus at 6 Months

Marcus at 1 Year Old

Marcus Walking

Marcus at 1 1/2 Years Old

Christmas 2011 with Marcus

Marcus 2nd Birthday

I visited Marcus and Jay on September 24 and my nephew grew so fast from the last time I saw him on June 18.

Typical growing boy who was very active and kept on running around.  He messed up anything he was able to get his hands on and played with his favorite toys, the pots and pans.

He kept on saying "a-ghi-beh" which Jay translated as "give me."  He also said "Orea a-ghi-beh" which meant give me Oreo.

I took three (3) short videos of him.  The first was Marcus stomping on the floor, the second was him messing up the cabinets, and the third video was him returning the pots and him saying the words "Oreo" and "a-ghi-beh."